RCC Placement Test at the Learning Center

Take the RCC Placement Test at the learning center | 724 S.Central Ave., Medford

Dates Available

  • Thursday, May 11th
  • Thursday, June 15th

Click here to sign-up for a time

Placement Test in Grants Pass:

 Our Grants Pass students have the choice to come to the learning center and take the Placement Test or to schedule it at the Redwood Campus.

The placement test measures skills in three areas: reading, writing, and mathematics.  This test is not timed and usually, takes two – three hours to complete. Please bring your completed RCC Accuplacer practice test with you on the testing day so you can take the test.

It is important to study before taking the test. Complete the Accuplacer Practice Test to the best of your ability on the math section.  The math test is primarily algebra! If you are in geometry, it is to your distinct advantage to review your algebra skills.

Accuplacer Practice Test

Who should take this test?
** Students who would like to retest in a subject.
**Seniors interested in enrolling at RCC in fall term next year.
**Students interested in applying for our Logos Scholars Academy program.

You must have an RCC ID# to take the test!

How to get your RCC ID#

  • Go to www.roguecc.edu; click on “Start Now” on the right side in the blue section
  • Click “High School Student or Under 18”
  • Watch the video and check the box.
  • Click “Get Admitted”
  • Choose “I want to take classes on an RCC campus”
  • Complete each step thoroughly – choose Logos Charter School as your high school. **Please use your personal email not your Logos email**

When you finish your RCC application, press the “submit” button.  You will see “Congratulations, you are an RCC student” confirmation page with your RCC ID number. Write down your RCC ID# and password and keep it in a safe place!  

Staff contact:
Melanie Scofield, RCC Placement Test Proctor & LSA Coordinator