How do I find out about your program?

We require that anyone interested in Logos attend an ‘Informational Meeting’. At the informational meeting, you will learn about our program and get your questions answered so you can decide if Logos is the right fit for your student and family.

Please click here to sign up to attend an informational meeting:

What does a “typical day” look like in your program?

Each student at Logos has their own individualized curriculum based on their learning level and style, so a “typical day” is determined by the schedule you as their learning coach and your teacher create.

Is it possible to enroll at various times during the school year?

Yes, you can enroll anytime at Logos and will be admitted as long as we have space available. For grades K-8 it is wise to enroll this year because it would ensure your entry for next school year.

That said, if your child is in grades 9-12 we do not recommend leaving your school until you have an official account of your grades and credits earned for the current grading period.

What would I have to do to enroll an additional student?

If you have children currently enrolled in Logos, please fill out the “intent to return” document provided by your ES to hold a place for the sibling. Then pick up an enrollment form at Logos for your daughter and turn it in after June 1st for the next school year.

What is the best option for my child and our family?

We require that anyone interested in Logos attend an informational meeting. At the informational meeting, you will learn about our program and get your questions answered so you can decide if Logos is the right fit for your student and family.

Please click here to sign up to attend an informational meeting:

How do you support parents?

Each student at Logos is assigned their own Education Specialist (ES), which is a licensed teacher. The ‘ES’ helps parents plan the best learning strategies for the student and helps choose curriculum and classes.

The ES meets with parents and students weekly and will aid in addressing specific learning needs, testing, connections to our community education partners and campus classes to accomplish education goals.

Logos also provides a ‘Student Success Team’ that provides tutoring every day of the week for help in any subject. This just begins to scratch the surface of ways we support parents!

We live in the Phoenix school district. Can we still participate?

Yes, we enroll students who live in any district in Jackson or Josephine Counties.  Our students come from the districts of Ashland, Butte Falls, Central Point, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, Medford, Phoenix/Talent, Prospect, Rogue River and Three Rivers.

I forgot my informational meeting date, does it matter?

Please call our front desk at 541-842-3658 and our staff will tell you which date you are scheduled to attend. We ask that you attend on the date that you registered for due to space constraints of our meeting room.

Do you offer partial credit programs or summer school?

We do have a summer school program! It is eight weeks long and begins one week after the last day of school. Because it is outside of our normal academic calendar there is tuition for this program.

Each course is $100 and if the student completes and passes the course during the eight weeks they will receive a $50 refund. All courses are online with several online options and teacher support is available.

Is it too late to get my child registered at Logos?

We enroll students at any time during the school year. Please attend an informational meeting and then fill out the enrollment packet you will be provided.

If there aren’t openings at the time you wish to enroll, you will be put on a wait-list until an opening becomes available.

What is your early college program for high schoolers?

The Logos Scholars Academy offers high school students the opportunity to attend Rogue Community College and/or Southern Oregon University for FREE part-time or full-time to earn dual credits.

That means the college credits apply towards high school graduation. Students meet regularly with an advisor who provides course selection guidance, educational goal & career planning, resources, financial aid planning and more!

Does Logos offer sports for kids?
A law passed in Oregon in 2017 allows 9th-12th grade students to play OSAA sports and participate in other interscholastic activities at their local district school. In the law, if Logos offered any of those sports, students could no longer participate at their local district so we direct high school students to their local district to participate in most sports. Passed in 2018, HB 4036 expanded the definition to include before and after school activities for K-8 students. We also offer theater arts. For more information on the law, click here.
We do offer a few non-OSAA activities such as archery, clay target shooting, and middle school track/cross country.
How does the "lottery" work and what are my odds?

Logos students live all over the Southern Oregon region, however, the number of students we can have (the “cap”) is set by Medford School District 549c and is currently 1,000 students.

If we have reached our cap of 1,000 students, state law requires that we go through a lottery process. Typically students who enroll in June and early July for the following school year get accepted but by mid-July, the waitlist starts filling up.

We suggest that you attend an Informational Meeting right away so that you are prepared to get your application in when enrollment starts on June 1 of each year.

The law requires that each year we enroll students in this order:

  • Current students
  • Siblings of current students
  • New students

The lottery also requires that we enroll students residing in Medford first, and then students outside of Medford after that. Each round of lottery drawings is based on this. Don’t fret if you live outside of Medford as people outside of Medford are not continually pushed lower. For more questions or to find out where you are on the list, email our Registrar Shawna Pratt (after June 1st).

Shawna Pratt (1)

Shawna Pratt

Hello! I am the Registrar and Office Manager at Logos Charter School. I have been with Logos for 8 years and love seeing it grow and bloom.

Logos is a quality school of choice for any student who would benefit from an individual education.