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About our Department of Science & Inquiry

The science department encourages the importance of critical analysis and logical reasoning through experiential opportunities for all students. We welcome you to be part of our experiential science and inquiry projects! Join our state champion Enviro-thon Team, cultivate in our Community Garden, be an active participant in restoring and preserving natural habitats in Southern Oregon. And so much more.

We stress the use of scientific methodology within experiential education offered through exposure to our local natural resources. We offer students the opportunity to witness the practical application of scientific study within our local and regional communities. Outdoor study components are at all grade levels that extend within and beyond the classroom, teaching multidisciplinary scientific concepts for K-12 students, focusing on physical, life, earth and environmental sciences.

Informational meeting dates are: March 19th or 21st
We hope all 6th graders will join us!
For questions please email Chris VanNess

Our Program

Mission: It is the mission of the Logos Department of Science and Inquiry to present science as a rational, systematic set of skills gained through observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena. The Logos Dept. of Science and Inquiry supports the development of knowledgeable, capable, critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers as it is critical/applicable to competent citizen action and involvement.

Vision: The science department encourages the importance of critical analysis and logical reasoning through experiential opportunities for all students. The department stresses the importance of skills such as phenological study, personal investigation, comparison, experimentation and cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving and data analysis.

Science & Inquiry News

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6th Grade Outdoor School

Logos Public Charter School has developed a comprehensive K-12 Outdoor Education Program. This year, LOGOS will be hosting our fourth annual 6th grade Outdoor School at Camp Myrtlewood in Myrtle Point, Oregon... hosted by Rogue Environmental Ed.  For 5 days/4 nights, students, Logos Teachers and High School Leaders will live at Camp Myrtlewood and attend outdoor education classes led by R.E.E. instructors.
Class concepts will include Weather and Climate, Marine Mammals, Indigenous Skills, Ecology, Animal Anatomy (skulls & bones), Team Challenges, and more! ALL 6th-grade students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity! Interested students will have to do a few brief assignments to prepare for the trip in lieu of their current curricular lessons. Assignment packets are available from your ES or by contacting our ODS Coordinators. Families must also attend one of the mandatory Outdoor School Informational Meetings in March, where all questions will be answered.
StreamWise / SWAT

One day a month student volunteers will assume the responsibilities of professional field scientist and set transects, identify and count native and invasive plants species within randomly-selected plots, and document data that will be utilized by the restoration hosts to gauge the progress of their efforts.

Not just a class field trip, the Student Watershed Assessment Team (SWAT), works within local forests and riparian areas on behalf of agencies and organizations who often lack the time and resources to monitor their efforts.

Students who commit to and participate in monthly SWAT Restoration activities will receive 1.0 credit. View the SWAT Syllabus here.

Please contact our Science Dept. if you or your organization is interested in contracting our Logos SWAT for ecological monitoring services. 

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Christopher VanNess

I'm the section representative for Science and Inquiry. I want to help answer any questions you may have about our fantastic program.

Seriously, lets chat. I'm extraordinarily passionate about this subject and enjoy teaching my students and parents alike.