About Logos Public Charter School

Our Purpose

To graduate critical thinkers who can effectively communicate in the 21st century. Logos facilitates a personalized learning program through a collaborative partnership between the student, family, teacher, school, and community.

Our Core Values

  • Learning – that is personalized
  • Opportunities – that are capitalized
  • Goals – that are realized
  • Organization – that is recognized
  • Support – that is maximized

A Poem about Logos by 7th-grade student Ilana O'Neal

These Halls I Roam

These halls I roam
These halls we roam
From the outside a small building
Compact from the outside
Smaller than the average school
But wonders lie within these halls do not be fooled
The halls are filled
With the future

The mascot an infamous creature
Known worldwide for roaming the forests
Shaggy and hairy is he
Feet as big as trees
Shy and well hidden
Hunters hunt for him yet they shall never find him
Yet he still lives and thrives
Within us

You enter and are greeted by happy children
Enjoying the things they learn
Finding joy in passions
Getting ready for the future
Getting ready for tests
Discovering themselves

You turn the corner
To find a space exploring group
Controlling satellites
Discovering and debating mars
It requires brain to do this
They will be the future of space

You wander down the hall
To find the history room, inside time travelers
Ready for the next adventure
Learning about our history, about the history of this land, or far distant ones
Their textbooks have become transporters
To times of long ago
Yet still affect the present

A room over
Music fills the space
Drums create rhythmic hypnosis
Singing as if sirens
The strings play reverberating around the room
They are learning
And sometimes offbeat
But they will be music

Next door
Actors take the room acting out scenes created mere minutes ago
Telling stories of mermaids and far away lands
These scenes come straight from the imagination
And they have found were they belong
It takes skill to do what they do
None could do it so well
They will be the future

Walking farther
A darker room filled with golden light
The walls are dark and covered in art
It fills the space
This is the room where art is born
These people are creatives being fed ideas
The people in this room could be the next Picasso
They will be art

Then continuing your adventure
The room after is green and displays bones
Bones and feathers and gems
These people learn how the world works
The newcomers to adulthood take trips in the spring
Learning more about the world there really just getting introduced to what is known
As this world

Down this hall are offices
Offices and meeting rooms
Where children get personalized learning
And the people who run this school
Do what they do
Down this hall there are snacks
So no students go hungry

Some may go into this school monthly
Some weekly or bi weekly
Some once or none at all
But the one thing that everyone has in common
Regardless of who you are
Is that you are the future
The moment you walk down these halls you join something greater
Become something greater
You become the future

How do I find out about your program?

Logos is an accredited public school, serving grades K – 12, employing TSPC licensed and registered teachers, sponsored by the Medford School District 549C. We incorporate the concepts of personalized learning, collegial relationships with parents, education in a “classroom without walls”, and strong community partnerships.

We are a quality school of choice for any student who would benefit from an individualized education. Logos is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. The school’s programs and activities will be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability, or any other unlawful consideration.


Sheryl Zimmerer

Greetings! I am the Executive Director of Logos. The mission of our school is to help student innovatively reach their educational goals. We do that by getting to really know a child and then empowering a community around them that will support them as they learn. 21st Century school can be creative.

We are here to support you! Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.