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About Our Partners

One great way to enrich your student’s education is to enroll in ongoing classes in our community. You can receive services from people in the community who have talents and passions in a plethora of areas.

Our school board has established a policy, in accordance with state law, in which all Logos Community Partners and their employees must be background-checked in order to be or remain a Logos Community Partner. If you know a local business or qualified individual you want to take classes or lessons from, have them review the Community Partner Packet. It has all of the information they will need to become a Logos Community Partner.

It is a simple process and we look forward to partnering with our community! If you are interested in becoming a vendor partner, please fill out the contract and provide the necessary documentation along with completing the background check and the ODE Sexual Misconduct Verification. 

All documentation can be emailed to the Business Office at [email protected]. The background check is easily done online here. Once we have approval on the background check from the Medford School District, we will notify you that you are approved as a Community Partner. Community partners may bill for services from September through May. Logos does not pay for services for our students during the summer months of June through August.

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