Logos Nation Update 4.9.20

4/9/20 12:40 p.m.
Good afternoon, Logos Nation!   
It is a spectacularly beautiful day outside today but we still wish we were in our building today with our students. We have surely missed you. Thank you, for all your kindness, flexibility, patience, grace, and support as we have navigated these new waters. I wanted to update you on the Governor’s order and other things going on around Logos. 
In-person School Closure: The governor ordered yesterday that in-person schools will be closed for the rest of the year. We will still be providing distance learning for students and families as they navigate the rest of the school year. This includes delivering curriculum, providing campus classes, and other virtual opportunities. 
The school building is closed, but school continues on!Seniors: The Oregon Department of Education sent out 27-pages of guidance for seniors. Students who were on-track for Q3 will receive a passing grade for quarter 4 for every class that they were passing. The required number of credits to graduate will stay the same. Letter grades are not allowed for the fourth quarter, only pass/no pass options are allowed. Students who were not passing at the end of quarter 3, are given the opportunity now to bring their class up to a passing score. They must do that by Aug. 31 to be considered part of the graduating class of 2020. For any students doing credit retrieval, they must complete their work. The middle/high principal, Jason Winningham, will be contacting each senior’s family to let them know their status towards graduation. We will also be having a Zoom Q & A with seniors and their parents (Zoom link embedded) at 3:00, Monday, April 13th. We cannot go over your child’s specific status on that Q & A but can go over other questions you have. Seniors can still have their ES meeting. In that meeting, teachers can help them complete the Oregon Promise and other college or financial aid applications. We are still looking to hold a live graduation ceremony as soon as it is safe to do so.
Scholars: Seniors in RCC and SOU classes will continue their college distance learning program in the Scholars Academy to receive college credits. Please reach out to Scholars Director, Valerie Barr, with any questions or concerns.
Freshman-Juniors:  We are told guidance is coming about credits for students in 9th-11th grades. Keep going until we get further information. Video campus classes will continue. 
Weekly Face Time & ES Meetings: We want to keep up with opportunities to see each other’s faces. It helps through troubled times. Isolation is hard. We believe having weekly video contact with your teacher and a predictable schedule are very important. We also have multiple opportunities through Jason, Emily, Brianne, and myself to see each other and connect through social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube). Scroll down to the links of the most recent videos below. If you are not comfortable using Zoom for your ES meeting, please feel free to Skype, FaceTime, What’sApp, Marco Polo, or Google Video Chat. 
Intent to Re-enroll: With the uncertainty of the summer and into the fall, we expect to see increased interest in our program. Please let us know if you intend to re-enroll as soon as possible so we can make plans for the fall. 
Plans: Our plans have not changed regarding campus classes or ES meetings for K-11th grade. Please refer to our previous email for reference.
On a positive note, before all this craziness happened, we had 17 seniors in the past few months graduate early. Here is a video celebrating their accomplishment. Some other recent video links are below. Thank you for being there and encouraging us during this time. Please let us know if we can assist you in ANY way! We want to be of as much support as possible and respond creatively to find solutions for families and our community. You can email me directly or [email protected] if you are unsure who it goes to. We are here for you. 

In this together, 
Sheryl Zimmerer
Executive Director
Logos Public Charter School

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